Eldra Patrick "El" DeBarge (born June 4, 1961) is an American R&B and pop music falsetto singer and was the focal point and lead singer of the family group DeBarge throughout the early to mid-1980s. As a solo artist, he is best known for the hits "Who's Johnny" and "Love Always" and for his collaborations with Tone Loc, Quincy Jones, Fourplay and DJ Quik. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Eldra Patrick DeBarge was born the fifth of eight brothers and sixth of ten DeBarge family members. El, as well as his siblings were born to an African-American mother and a Caucasian father. In 1972, El's mother Etterlene moved her children from Detroit to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Like his siblings, El participated in the local church choir and was labeled a child prodigy thanks to his skills as a vocalist and a keyboardist and years of private study with music educator Ricky Callier. El was a natural in the role of lead singer for the group DeBarge. In 1982, DeBarge found success with their acclaimed album, All This Love, which gave DeBarge major chart success with singles "Stop! Don't Tease Me," the perennial "I Like It," and the title track, with El as producer, writer and lead singer. In 1983,