Amanda Bynes made headlines earlier this week after posting a photo of herself with what looks like a new cheek piercing.

Whether you love it or not, it's definitely a look. We decided to have a little fun and pierce a few more dimpled stars. Check out the results below:

1. Mario Lopez

Here's what the host would look like with something "extra" on his face!


2. Hilary Duff

The former teen queen has always had a very safe image. Here we mix it up.


3. Jennifer Garner

Wonder what her husband Ben Affleck would think of this look?


4. Kirsten Dunst

This piercing would take a bite out of the "Interview with the Vampire" star's cheek.


5. Cheryl Cole

This would be a loud fashion statement for the Girls Aloud singer.


6. Miranda Kerr

The supermodel has already had her brows blinged, why not her cheek?


7. Nicky Hilton

Would her sister Paris think "that's hot"?