media_removed_toofab 2013

Rita Ora's got some really impressive abs, but we were less impressed with her odd outfit. Her bralet looks like something a WWE diva would wear, and the Bermuda shorts would look better on a guy -- because they are guy's shorts!

We had to do a double-take with Rihanna's sheer style. It looks like she isn't wearing underwear (thankfully she is, and we're sure you'll look real close). But it wasn't her worst outfit of the week -- you'll have to click the "Launch Gallery" link above to see that.

Miley Cyrus finally decided to cover up, in this tweed jumpsuit that would look better on someone twice - or even three times -- her age.

Check out even more fashion faux pas of the week after the jump, including JWoww and two really, really ugly pairs of pants.

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