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Christina Applegate and her daughter, Sadie, had a cute "girl’s day out" at Disneyland.

The cute mother-daughter duo posed next to Minnie Mouse in Town Square for Mickey’s Halloween Party. Dressed up for the spooky occasion, Sadie couldn't hide her excitement around Minnie. How adorable!

Sadie is Applegate’s only child with her husband, Martyn LeNoble, and we can’t get over how cute these two are together. Check out other amazing celebrity moms in our gallery above.

The "Vacation" star recently opened up about her own family trips. Growing up, Applegate loved traveling with her mother, and it’s something she hopes to cherish with Sadie. The duo’s favorite spot is Manhattan.

“Sadie loves it. We don’t take cabs – we ride the subway and walk everywhere. I want her to know what the real place is… even the sneaky parts,” she told Us Weekly earlier this month.

But, what’s Christina’s dream getaway?

“My favorite vacation is where I can just lie down and have people bring me things” she admitted. “My husband always says ‘Let’s rent a house!’ I’m like, ‘That requires cooking our food and cleaning dishes, man! Let’s get a villa with a staff and just lie there.’”

Now that definitely sounds like paradise to us!

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