Snooki Admits She Would "Probably Be In Rehab" If She Didn't Have Kids
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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has come a long way from her drunken days on "Jersey Shore."

The reality star admitted that getting pregnant with her son, Lorenzo, 3, made her clean up her act.

"I always wanted to have kids but I wanted to wait till like, I don’t know, 27. But I got pregnant at 24 — so I was like: ‘S—, I’m not ready, what am I going to do? I don’t even know how to hold a baby. I hate kids!'" she explained on SiriusXM’s Wake Up! With Taylor podcast. "I wasn’t ready to make that transition. [People] were like: 'Do you want to hold my baby?' I was like: 'No, I’m drinking a beer, go away.'"

It seems that seeing the positive pregnancy test instantly changed her mindset about having a family.

"We have this switch that goes off. But it’s before the baby popped out — it was right when I got pregnant," the MTV alum added, explaining that she threw the alcohol and the cigarettes away because she was determined "to be a better person for my baby."

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"Thank God for nature!" host Taylor Strecker said. "Yes, right?! Because I’d probably be in rehab," Snooki declared.

Polizzi also said that she won't hide her wild past from her kids, Lorenzo and Giovanna, 17 months,

"I’m literally going to just be honest with them because that’s the relationship that I want with them: to be honest but them to know that I’m the parent," she said. "[I’ll] just be like: 'You know, Mommy just turned 21, it was the first time she could get into bars and clubs and she went nuts. You’re going to experience that when you’re 21, but wait till you’re 21 and learn from my mistakes.'"

Snooki and her "Jersey Shore" pals all seemed to have graduated from those party-filled days -- click through the gallery above to see what the rest of the cast is up to now!

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