We don't know what Jennifer Lawrence will be wearing to this Sunday's Oscars, but we do know what she *won’t* be wearing: a dress designed by Marcus King.
Don't know who Marcus King is? It’s okay, neither did we. But over 100,000 people have viewed the aspiring fashion designer's online video pleading for the "Silver Linings Playbook" actress to wear one of his creations. Watch it below:


toofab's Charlie Neff spoke with Marcus about his viral video campaign and what he had in mind for the young starlet.

“This dress design took about 48 hours, there’s a lot of detail and craftsmanship in this dress in particular…it would have taken an estimated 264 hours to produce; as my debut dress it would have to make the biggest statement.”


Marcus explained: "The reason why I chose shot silk and satin as the fabrics for this dress was because I wanted something that was structured but flows at the same time. The bodice itself is corseted and gives the body an hourglass contour. The satin adds to the glamor that I was trying to convey when designing the dress but doesn’t take away from any of the embellishments; such as the beading detail on the straps or the buckle adornments that give the dress an edgier look.

Unfortunately, Marcus' dreams of dressing an Oscar nominee were dashed. Jennifer's team shot off a one-line response, telling Marcus, "Jennifer is set with a dress." Little harsh don’t ya think?

It's the fans, not himself, that Marcus feels bad for. "Our premiere video alone has accumulated over 100,000 views, with fans gasping for Jennifer to give us any response." Marcus added, "these people were rooting for this Campaign to work."
So what are Marcus' Oscar day plans now that he's been rejected by a Best Actress nominee? "I'll be watching the Oscars, but I cannot be held responsible for any eye rolling, scoffing or projectiles flying around during the Awards show."
Whether or not JLaw’s Oscar dress is a hit or miss, one thing is for sure: she's favored to take home the statuette. Click here to see even more Oscar predictions and be sure to come back Sunday for full coverage of the red carpet and show.

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