We named Kim Kardashian our worst-dressed celebrity last week ... because she subjected our eyes to this.

She also overwhelmingly lost our dueling dresses poll to Zoe Saldana. You commented that Kim looked "a stuffed turkey" and that she reminded you of "a mushroom, the poisonous kind."

After all this criticism, is the reality star turning a new leaf and actually dressing for her pregnancy curves? Check out two recent outfits she wore in Paris:

media_removed_toofab 2013

We actually approve of the one on the left. Kim wore a flowing top (without flashing her bra), simple pants and a stylish trenchcoat tied loosely above her baby bump. Dare we actually say she looks cute?

Kim went casual in the photo on the right, and while we question pairing track pants with heels, it looked comfy and unpretentious. Could she be dressing for comfort instead of the cameras?

We still have months before Kimye's baby comes, and plenty more opportunities to bash praise her. Are these looks an improvement? Tell toofab in the comments below.

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