Is this the most lopsided dueling dresses ever?

Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham both showed off their tats in this Valentino jumpsuit.

Miley wore the sexy suit at last week's Maxim Hot 100 party at Vanguard in Hollywood. Her black and white banded Yves Saint Laurent "Paloma" sandals were the perfect complement. A bright red lip added a much needed pop of color, but the pop star suffered an unfortunate makeup malfunction resulting in a two-toned face.

Lena donned the same style at the "Girls" Season 2 premiere back in January. Bland black pumps completed the look.

Despite her cosmetics catastrophe, we obviously have to give the nod to Miley. Lena's version is unflattering to her figure. Contrary to popular belief, Lena can look pretty on the red carpet -- in a strapless dress even (see here). She should opt for flared skirts to give her a hourglass shape (see here).

Is Miley your clear winner, too? Cast your vote by clicking the "Launch Gallery" link above, and see more fashion face-offs including Miley in yet another black and white jumpsuit!

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