Warning: Extremely brief NSFW language in the video above.

The fashion world turned against Katy Perry in Milan.

The singer and Rita Ora both attended the Moschino show at Milan Fashion Week on Thursday -- but the runway presentation was held almost an entire hour to accommodate their late arrivals.

When Perry posed for photographers on the catwalk before heading to her seat, the usual sea of adoration was replaced with boos from an audience who didn't want to wait any longer.

As she continued to be booed, Perry jokingly shouted at the photographers "You are all gonna get your picture. Shut the f**k up." She then took her seat and enjoyed the show.

A photographer at the event claims to have talked to Katy afterwards, where she said "I was told to come at this time, I was being respectful by coming when they told me."

Check out more photos of Katy at the event below -- it doesn't look like she let the negative attention get to her, as she was seen hanging out with Ora, Jeremy Scott and Johnny Wujek.


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