Viral dancing sensation Carson Dean may have another internet hit on his hands.

The Los Angeles based actor/dancer paid tribute to the Oscar nominated "La La Land" with a remarkably good performance of the "Lovely Night Dance" scene, featuring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

In the clip, Dean is joined by choreographer Kausha Campbell in the perfectly staged location where the film was shot, which would make anyone second guess which routine was which if viewed side by side.

The duo nailed the routine impeccably, even striking notice from "La La Land" choreographer, Mandy Moore.

Dean has appeared on "The Real O'Neal's" as a dancer, but he's most recognizable from his appearance on The Ellen Show when a treadmill dance video he "accidentally" made to "Uptown Funk" went viral in 2015. The video has over 15 million views.

Watch the spot on "La La Land dance" routine above, and check out a little TBT action of his Ellen debut:

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