Critics Demolish 'Flatliners' Remake: 12 Scathing Reviews So Far
Credit Columbia Pictures, Sony Entertainment
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Ellen Page, Nina Dobrev, Diego Luna and James Norton star in the Sony Columbia Pictures movie. "The kind of film you'll forget even exists in five years," one critic writes.

The first reviews are in for Columbia Pictures' "Flatliners" and critics have cleared any chance of the film surviving.

"A straightforward (and entirely unnecessary) rehash which proves utterly dead on arrival," one critic wrote.

The PG-13 film starring Nina Dobrev, Ellen Page and Kiefer Sutherland tells the story of five medical students hoping to gain insight on what happens when a person dies by experimenting with stopping their hearts for short periods of time to trigger a near-death experience. The dangerous investigation forces the character to deal with their sins front on all while experiencing the paranormal consequences of transitioning back and forth between life and death.

Take a look at what some of the top film critics had to say about the film.

The Hollywood Reporter's John DeFore

The culprit has to be in a 21st century horror film that grows duller by the minute.

AV Club's Mike D'Angelo

Flatliners 2017 is the same dumb movie as Flatliners 1990, minus most of the surface charisma.'s Conner Schwedtfeger

Though competently directed and well-acted, Flatliners does little to set itself apart from a run-of-the-mill thriller. True to the material, it simply lacks a pulse.

Crave Online's William Bibbiani

Had every opportunity to improve on the original, and it doesn't take most of them.

Film Racket's Bill Gibron

Doesn't even come close to delivering.

The List's Nikki Baughan

A straightforward (and entirely unnecessary) rehash which proves utterly dead on arrival.

Screen International's Allan Hunter

A sleek visual polish and a game cast can't disguise the fact that Flatliners is one film that should have carried a Do Not Resuscitate Order.

Empire Magazine's John Nugent

The original Flatliners should have had a 'Do Not Resuscitate' order attached to it.'s Brian Orndorf

The do-over barely raises an eyebrow without getting winded, never truly understanding what it's supposed to be doing with the wonderfully outrageous premise.'s Steve Newall

Light on thrills, chemistry, or frights, Flatliners squanders a fun concept...'s Graeme Tuckett

I guess we can give Flatliners at least one star for knowing the cliches of scriptwriting.

FILMINK's Anthony O'Connor

...the kind of film you'll forget even exists in five years so why not cut out the middleman and just forget it now?

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