'RHOBH' Tea Time: Lisa Vanderpump Slams Kyle Richards Over Brief 'Mind Lapse'
The Cast of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 8

Erika Girardi then suggests she and Lisa Vanderpump have a "real friendship, not bullshit" because she actually listens when people talk to her.

The ladies of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" didn't make it one full day in Berlin before running into problems.

While out to drinks on their first night in the city, Lisa Rinna brought up how the ladies never do well on boats (cue Brandi Glanville slapping Lisa Vanderpump in the face in Amsterdam and everything that went down in Hong Kong last year). Vanderpump then admitted she's wanted to "slap" and "strangle" Rinna in the past, but that her former instigator of a co-star has "changed a bit lately."

"Well, I've changed," Rinna replied. "I think that you either grow or you don't. I don't need to engage because I don't have anybody coming at me with something crazy."

Vanderpump pointed out that Rinna doesn't "engage as much" and that she's not "as invested in the group," which Rinna couldn't help but take as a jab.

"I think it's strange to say that I'm less engaged," Rinna later said. "I'm just not engaging in the stupid f-cking bullshit."

But it was Kyle Richards who really got the heat from Vanderpump.

Somehow, the topic of sleeping naked came up in conversation, which Vanderpump said she hadn't done since the earthquake of 1994 when her grandmother, Nanny Kay, was living with her.

"Who's Nanny Kay?" were Kyle's famous last words. The skin on her face nearly melted off as Vanderpump stopped dead in her tracks and stared her down.

"Kyle doesn't remember Nanny Kay? I've talked about Nanny Kay as long as I've known her!" Vanderpump later said. "Nanny Kay lived with me for 25 years. I mean, just because we crossed the Atlantic, she left her memory back in America?"

Vanderpump then went on to explain she also lost one of her restaurants during that earthquake, of which Erika Girardi had perfect memory.

"It was in the Sherman Oaks mall," Erika said. Kyle's memory was still not rattled as she begged Lisa to forgive her brief "mind lapse."

"I actually do listen when people people talk to me, so I actually do know who Nanny Kay is, and I do remember her telling me about her first restaurants," Erika said. "See? There. Real friendship, not bullshit. I listen. Try it."

"OK, shoot me! I never met the woman!" Kyle later said. "Does Lisa Vanderpump know my grandmother's name? Because I was really close to her, too."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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