Jamie Dornan Makes Action Movie Debut in Trailer for Another 'Robin Hood' Remake
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But he takes a back seat to leading man Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx.

Jamie Dornan has been "Fifty Shades" freed, and now he's making a move on the action genre.

The handsome actor, best known for playing Christian Grey in the erotic blockbuster franchise that made him a household name, has a prominent role in "Robin Hood" alongside Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx and Ben Mendelsohn. The trailer landed online Thursday and teases Dornan's character, Will Scarlett, leading an uprising spurred by the exploits of the Hood, played by Egerton. Foxx plays Little John and Mendelsohn, of course, plays the villain -- the Sheriff of Nottingham. And fun fact: That's Bono's daughter, Eve Hewson, playing Maid Marian.

The big twist in Hollywood's latest adaptation of the classic tale (Good luck topping Kevin Costner's "Prince of Thieves," though -- Russell Crowe couldn't!) is that Robin Hood runs around with a masked face to hide his secret identity: a member of the ruling class he's fighting against.

Yes, Robin Hood is basically a superhero in the upcoming Lionsgate release, complete with slow-motion sequences showcasing his superhuman ability to effortlessly kill every bad guy in his vicinity with just a bow and arrow.

Or as YouTube commenters are joking, he's pretty much Hawkeye and the "Avengers 4" time travel theory has been confirmed.

Robin Hood, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Daryl Dixon...arrows are hot right now. And fortunately for our eyes, so are all the Hollywood stars that are shooting them!

"Robin Hood" hits theaters Nov. 21.

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