Eva Longoria
found the perfect way to stand out in a crowd including Victoria Beckham and the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale: Bring on the cleavage!

The "Desperate Housewives" star hosted an event for The Eva Longoria Foundation with Vanity Fair and  Chrysler last night, where she stepped out in very revealing dress.

While Victoria and Kate opted for bright colors at the event, Eva wore a LBD ... with one crazy neckline!

Thanks to some strategically placed double-sided tape, we didn't see any wardrobe malfunctions -- though, at one point, Beckham helped keep Eva's breasts in check.

Check out the photo from Eva Longoria on WhoSay below:

Eva Longoria on WhoSay

This isn't Eva's first low-cut dress though -- she's been wearing some seriously slinky outfits all year!

Take a look at her ensemble from the night before below (left)... and last month (right).

If you got it, flaunt it!