There's no denying Christina Hendricks is a curvy girl ... but is calling her "full-figured" to her face crossing the line?

The actress gets as much attention for her body as she does for her Emmy-nominated work on "Mad Men," but during a recent interview Hendricks was stunned by one reporter's description of her physique.

This week in Sydney, Sun-Herald Fashion Editor Kate Waterhouse asked Hendricks what it's like being an "inspiration as a full-figured woman" ... a question Hendricks didn't quite know how to answer.

Skip to 2:30 above for the moment in question.

Her publicist stepped in and tried to steer the conversation away from weight, saying it's something she's asked about all the time and was "repetitive."

Kudos to Hendricks for playing it off very graciously on camera -- though she was reportedly heard saying "I think calling me full-figured is just rude" after the interview was over.

We've reached out to Christina's rep for comment (and to see if she really called the question "rude"), but haven't heard back.

We agree the phrasing was a little out of line. What do you think? Sound off below!