While Lindsay Lohan has been stealing the trainwreck spotlight lately, Amanda Bynes pulled off a stunt on Monday to remind us she's still around too.

Yep, Amanda pierced her cheek.

The former child star took to her tumblr yesterday to show off her brand new, blinged-out Marilyn Monroe beauty mark -- and it's got fans talking on Twitter.

"Dear Amanda Bynes, we get it completely get it....you're bat s**t crazy," posted one.

"Amanda Bynes has her cheek pierced.... She's a mess dude," wrote another.

"Yesssssss she's killin it. New Lohan," tweeted one more. We're not sure if that one's a compliment or not.

No word on if she'll be sporting her new accessory when she appears in court for her DUI case this month.

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