Richie Sambora is currently on tour with Bon Jovi, but he's also got a pretty surprising side gig: Fashion designer.

The rocker recently launched his Autumn/Winter collection for his Nikki Rich line, a line he created with designer Nikki Lund. Featuring leather pants, blazers and dresses, it's an eclectic collection Lund describes as "military androgyny meets school-girl chic."

"I've always been into fashion," Sambora says of the new line. "It's another extension and another way to create for me. Nikki and I had great chemistry immediately. We knew where we wanted to take the designs and how we wanted to make people feel when they wear our clothes."

Sambora has actually been in the fashion game for a while, launching White Trash Beautiful with Lund back in 2010.

The two have built a celebrity following with their clothes -- which have been worn by stars like Miley Cyrus, Kate Beckinsale, Nicole Scherzinger and Carrie Underwood.

Check out some pieces from the Autumn/Winter collection above -- and check out the online store to pick up some new pieces now.