From Jennifer Lawrence to Jennifer Hudson, Hollywood's hottest starlets are chopping off their hair and opting for sexy short 'dos! 

toofab's Rachel Hoffman got the scoop on the short hair trend from celebrity hair guru Chaz Dean. He reveals his tips on getting the best cropped styles and warns those who should avoid shearing off their tresses!

toofab: Which celebs really know how to rock the short 'do?

Chaz: Lisa Rinna. Her short hair is her signature look. She recently went even shorter and it looks great with her bone structure.

toofab: Who else got it right? Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Hudson, Rebecca Romijn Pamela Anderson or Kristin Chenoweth? 

Chaz: Jennifer Hudson.

toofab: Which classic Jennifer Aniston style is her best look?

Jennifer Aniston_inset

Chaz: Long, soft, beachy waves look best on Jennifer Aniston. It is a natural look that she pulls off well.

toofab: Which look do you like on Jennifer Lawrence? Long or short?

Chaz: Long. I think the short cut would look great, but the style she has now is not youthful or edgy enough for her.

toofab: Which leading lady needs a new look? Who's hair would you love to cut?

Demi Lovato_inset
Chaz: I would love to color and cut Demi Lovato's hair. I would keep it fun and edgy but get her hair healthy while doing so. Even though Jennifer Lawrence just got a new cut, I would like to not only style her more youthful, hip and edgy, but also teach her how to treat her hair so she can grow it out healthy and keep it long and manageable.

toofab: What's the best way to style and care for short hair?

Chaz: Let it be natural. The great thing about having short hair is rocking your natural texture and flow. Also, short hair is great for retro styles.

toofab: What's the best face shape to pull it off?

Chaz: Heart shaped, oval and square shapes are best for short cuts.

toofab: Who should avoid the short cut? 

Chaz: Generally, people with a round or pear shaped face should avoid short cuts.

toofab: What do you think is the next hair trend?

Chaz: I think the short hair trend is just starting. I see it going through Summer. I also noticed that most of the girls in the industry who have been cutting their hair short say they cropped it because of damage. The damage is completely preventable! Stop using shampoo that lathers and strips your hair, hot tools and styling products that dry out your hair.

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