Solange Knowles Deletes Beyonce Pictures
Is Solange Knowles deleting sister Beyonce Knowles out of her life after the explosive elevator fight with Jay Z?

A couple reports surfaced last night saying the younger Knowles sister removed a bunch of photos of Bey from her Instagram page in the wake of the scuffle ... saying one lone picture remained, taken back in February 2013 (above).

So, is there any truth to the rumors? Well, kinda, sorta, maybe a little.

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We took a look at Solange's social networks and noticed there were a couple photos on Facebook that were not on her Instagram ... photos with Beyonce. While it's possible she only uploaded them to the former site, the pics have the square photo dimensions/borders typical for Instagram and could have been pushed to Facebook using the photo app.

FYI: When you delete a photo from Instagram, it doesn't also remove it from Facebook.

In one pic, the two sisters are seen posing together at the Met Gala, with the caption "In real life, I'm an inch taller." In another, they're seen with Lupita Nyong'o at the same event, the photo captioned "Flawless."

These would have been taken right before her blowout with Jay.

Another shot that only appears on her Facebook page is one from last month when the two performed together at Coachella. The caption: "One of the funnest moments eva!"

Solange also recently posted a photo with her sister and the Destiny's Child girls for a Throwback Thursday. While the pic is on both Facebook and Twitter, it's MIA from Instagram.

Oh, and those reports saying there's only one photo of Bey left on Solange's Instagram? Wrong.

There are actually two additional shots of Bey from a family trip to Jamaica in December, both taken well after the so-called "only" remaining shot from February 2013.


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