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Good looks definitely run in the Spencer family.

The late Princess Diana's 25-year-old niece, Lady Kitty Spencer, is starting to make a name for herself, thanks to her popular Instagram page and public appearances -- including one just this week at an event in London (above).

So ... who is she?

Kitty is the daughter of Charles Spencer, Diana's brother, and former British model Victoria Lockwood. According to a new Vanity Fair profile, she recently received a master's degree in luxury-brand management, shares Diana's passion for charity work and split her time between South Africa and London growing up.

"Now, I love being in London and it makes sense to be here, and it's a really exciting place to be in your 20s," she tells the publication. "South Africa's such an amazing place to grow up and have a childhood but, right now, I . . . really wanted a big city. Obviously, I've always felt tied to London and I've always felt British and a lot of my family's here, too, so it was a logical step, one I knew I was always going to take."

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It's clear we all love the Royals over here in the US, as photos of Will and Kate and their adorable children are always a welcome sight. But Kitty tells Vanity Fair that she's "wary of saying anything" about her famous family members. As for Diana, all she offers up is this: "I was so young [when Diana was alive]. There are only a few memories, but special memories and happy memories, and I'm so lucky to have those." Kitty was only six when her aunt was killed in a car accident. So far, Kitty is loving the limelight, adding that she "hasn't really had too much of a negative experience." "The media attention gives you the platform to speak about the things that are important to you," she adds.