Did Kendall Jenner Get Lip Injections? Kylie Jenner Says ...
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Did Kendall Jenner follow in sister Kylie's footsteps?

The Internet went wild on Monday after the 21-year-old was spotted with a noticeably plumper pout -- as many speculated she got her lips done just like Kylie Jenner.

The reaction started when Kendall posted the above photo on her Twitter page, showing the two sitting down to do an interview about their new book.

And it's true -- her lips do look bigger than usual.

Immediately, posts and memes like this started popping up on Twitter:

So ... what's going on here?

Well, according to Kylie herself, her model sister did not pay a visit to the skin doctor ... and instead just got a makeup makeover.

"Kendall let me over-line her lips today with lipliner and everyone thinks she got lip injections," Kylie said in a Snapchat featuring her sis. "I'm sorry Kendall!"

Of course, the 19-year-old reality star used to say she over-lined her lips before finally admitting she got injections.

When Kylie did cop to the procedure, Kendall expressed concern at the time, supposedly telling her sibling that they were "too big."

"No one needs anything, everybody's beautiful," she added. "You guys don't need to worry about this so much."