The Worst Celebrity Feuds

"Captain America" star Chris Evans isn't a huge fan of those in charge of leading the United States, at the moment.

In his latest tweet criticizing Donald Trump's regime, he calls the White House administration a “bunch of f-cking liars."

The tweet shared Tuesday night came in wake of the Donald Trump Jr. email scandal, which has proven, in many minds, some type of collusion between Trump's team and Russia to win the 2016 election.

This is not the first time Evans has taken to Twitter to express his political opinions. In fact, he does it quite often, despite playing one of America's most wholesome superheroes. **TooFab** did a little digging for your pleasure and rounded up 10 of the movie star's most savage tweets complaining about Trump and company. View Photos 37 of Donald Trump's Loudest Critics & Supporters