George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence Slam Harvey Weinstein's 'Gross,' 'Indefensible' Sexual Harassment
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Actors' union SAG-AFTRA also condemns the Weinstein Company executive's "disgraceful, aggressive, and inappropriate behavior."

George Clooney and Jennifer Lawrence are the latest Hollywood stars to speak out against Harvey Weinstein in wake of sexual harassment claims against one of the biggest producers in town.

Clooney, a very successful producer in his own right, has worked with Weinstein on several projects, including his directorial debut "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind." The 56-year-old actor told The Daily Beast Monday although he heard rumors of womens' uncomfortable moments in the '90s with Weinstein, he's never personally witnessed any of the behavior.

“It’s indefensible. That’s the only word you can start with," Clooney said. "Harvey’s admitted to it, and it’s indefensible. I’ve known Harvey for 20 years. He gave me my first big break as an actor in films on 'From Dusk Till Dawn,' he gave me my first big break as a director with 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.' We’ve had dinners, we’ve been on location together, we’ve had arguments. But I can tell you that I’ve never seen any of this behavior—ever."

"The other part of this, the part we're hearing now about eight women being paid off, I didn't hear anything about that and I don't know anyone that did. That's a whole other level and there's no way you can reconcile that. There's nothing to say except that it's insensible," he said.

Clooney added that a lot of his peers, including himself, tolerated Weinstein's abrasive behavior because he "was making films that everybody loved," but sexual harassment is a very different story.

"It's a very different conversation when you say, it's not that he yells and screams, but that he's cornering a young, scared lady in a restaurant and telling her to stand there and be quiet while he jerks off."

Lawrence, who worked with Weinstein on 2013 Oscar winner "Silver Linings Playbook," said she never witnessed any inappropriate behavior from the Weinstein Company executive, but is trusting the victims coming forward.

"I was deeply disturbed to hear the news about Harvey Weinstein's behavior," Lawrence told Variety. "I worked with Harvey five years ago and I did not experience any form of harassment personally, nor did I know about any of these allegations. This kind of abuse is inexcusable and absolutely upsetting."

"My heart goes out to all of the women affect by these gross actions," she added. "And I want to thank them for their bravery to come forward."

In case you're just catching up, The New York Times published an explosive exposé detailing "decades of sexual harassment" by the powerful Hollywood producer. The report referenced several women, including actresses Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan, who said they were coerced into unsavory situations with Weinstein, who reportedly asked women for massages, to watch him bathe, and even pleasured himself in front of at least one women against her will.

Weinstein has vaguely acknowledged some wrongdoing on his part, but has also denied many of the allegations.

Since then, SAG-AFTRA has called Weinstein's behavior "abhorrent."

"We comment the courage and candor of every woman who has spoken out about the disgraceful, aggressive, and inappropriate behavior they experienced with prominent industry employers," the actors' union said. "We support their right to speak out and we lift up their voices so that their truths can be fully heard. Everyone has the right to work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment."

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