Hollywood's History of Sexual Misconduct

The "Thor: Ragnarok" star doesn't expect to ever work with the famed filmmaker, but not necessarily because of the sexual abuse allegations against him.

Tessa Thompson has already come to a conclusion that she will never work with writer and director Woody Allen.

"'Would I work with him?' is a highly hypothetical question for me. There are no black women in Woody's worlds," Thompson tweeted Monday.

The actress' comments come after she retweeted photographs of Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan, Annette Bening and Jessica Chastain looking physically uncomfortable when Kate Winslet began praising her "Wonder Wheel" director during a Los Angeles Times roundtable over the weekend.

"Woody Allen is an extraordinary writer and he's obviously known for having created extraordinary roles, very powerful, complicated roles for women for many, many, many years and to join that lineage of incredible actresses made me feel terrified and also immensely privileged and it was a responsibility as well," she said.

The various actresses sitting next to Winslet politely glared at Winslet for gushing about Allen when he allegedly sexually abused his step-daughter, Dylan Farrow, as a child.

Winslet's words were exactly Farrow **said she was dreading** last Friday when "Wonder Wheel" hit theaters. "Today Woody Allen releases another film nationwide. People like Justin Timberlake, Jim Belushi, Kate Winslet and others will promote it and praise him for it," she tweeted. "Today I will be triggered by every movie ad, every review, every mention of the man who stole my childhood from me." "There are many others like me who are continually re-victimized when they are disbelieved, or just outright ignored, because the truth is too inconvenient to accept, too difficult to deal with," she continued. "When we enable powerful predators, in every walk of life, we are willing accomplices in the continued harm inflicted on their victims. We are complicit." "To fundamentally change how society responds to sexual assault, we must change ourselves, at every level," she continued. "We must subordinate art to morality, not morality to art. We must subordinate power to morality, not morality to power. We must make the personal sacrifices necessary to take away the power and influence from those who abuse it, and we must do it by standing together. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. The time is right for a cultural change. We owe it to our world, to our children, and to the generations to come. Are you with me?" Allen has always denied the allegations that were investigated by sex-abuse experts. Although the experts at Yale-New Haven Hospital found no evidence of abuse, a state's attorney in Connecticut admitted he had "probable cause" to go after Allen in 1993, but never filed a charge. View Photos Getty Hollywood's History of Sexual Misconduct