Jimmy Kimmel Asks Clueless Tourists for Their Thoughts on the 'Crisis' in Wakanda

"It's like a big catastrophe," one man said.

"Black Panther" quickly broke records for ticket pre-sales, ratings and opening weekend sales since its Valentine’s weekend release. But apparently there are still a few people who don’t know that Wakanda is a fictional African country made-up for the Marvel comics.

Jimmy Kimmel sent his staff out to the streets of Hollywood during Friday night’s "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to ask unsuspecting pedestrians about the "crisis in Wakanda."

"I think we should resolve our own problems first, especially what’s going on with the government," one woman said when asked if we should be involved in Wakanda.

"It’s like a big catastrophe. Like it’s a lot of bad things happening over there," another man said.

One woman was asked if she thinks people would see a movie about what's going on in Wakanda. "People don't want to see it," she replied. But $320 million says otherwise.

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