See More Photos of the Couple -- Cute or Creepy?

Steven Bauer and his much younger girlfriend are still going strong!

The 59-year-old actor sparked headlines when he first stepped out with then-18-year-old, Lyda Loudon. Now, two years later, he's opening up about the controversial relationship.

After three divorces, the "Ray Donovan" star says that he’s finally found true love, despite their nearly 40-year age difference.

"Lyda and I have faced criticism, but not from anyone interesting," he says in the latest issue of In Touch, on newsstands now. "My family loves her and she loves them."

"We go together well," he adds. "Anyone who knows us knows we have something special."

In fact, Steven says his longtime love has taught him how to live a healthier lifestyle.

"I’ve lost 30 pounds and weigh what I did while making 'Scarface,'" Bauer explains. "I eat very little gluten — I didn’t know gluten-free pizza existed! No hydrogenated oils, very little dairy and sugar, more vegetables and fruits."

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While the actor doesn't see a problem with the age difference, Loudon's mother, hasn't always agreed with the romance.

When the first photos of them as a couple surfaced, Dr. Gina Loudon described her own reaction to learning who her daughter was dating ... and how she eventually came to accept their relationship.

"I became aware of the relationship, the range of emotions for me was strange and still is, but I can tell you one thing: We love our daughter," she wrote in a blog last year. "My husband was devastated. He questioned his own parenting, and I questioned mine. What had we done to our precious daughter to make her think such a decision was wise?"

"I told myself, there are worse things. She could be an addict or a bad person," Loudon continued -- adding that her daughter is "committed to waiting until she is married to have sex."

So, what is the family dynamic like now?

"I am thankful for a daughter who has always loved us, and we stand with her now."

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