Disney's 'Aladdin' Casting Struggles Baffle Twitter -- What About All These Guys?
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Twitter Casts 'Aladdin' Movie: See the Suggestions

A live action adaption of "Aladdin" is in the works at Disney, but the Mouse House is reportedly having a hard time casting the title character, and Twitter doesn't understand why.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "finding a male lead in his 20s who can act and sing has proven difficult — especially since the studio wants someone of Middle-Eastern or Indian descent." And while established stars like Riz Ahmed ("Rogue One: A Star Wars Story") and Dev Patel ("Slumdog Millionaire") were flagged by the studio, it now sounds like the film will end up casting a newcomer in the role.

Names like Achraf Koutet, Mena Massoud and George Kosturos are "still in the running," while "Power Rangers" star Naomi Scott and Indian actress Tara Sutaria are being considered for the princess of Agrabah. Will Smith has already been cast as the Genie.

Twitter has been having a field day with the casting struggle, both criticizing Hollywood and offering up suggestions for who else could play the famous street rat. "The Big Sick" and "Silicon Valley" star Kumail Nanjiana even joked, "What am I chopped liver?

Apparently, because so far "Victorious" alum Avan Jogia is getting the most support online, with the below tweets getting major likes and retweets.

Jogia seemingly responded to the fan support with the following tweet:

Other suggestions include:

As for the more savage reactions to THR's report ...

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