Britney Spears had a message for the media during her latest Las Vegas performance -- and she got a little help from Bonnie Raitt.

TooFab was in attendance when Brit surprised her audience with a cover of Raitt's classic "Something to Talk About."

Performing for her "Piece Of Me" Las Vegas residency, which will be wrapping up at the end of the year, the singer paused her usual lineup and grabbed a microphone.

She said it felt "illegal" to be doing this, but wanted to say something after watching the news yesterday morning and thinking about how she's been covered over the years.

"One minute they tear you down and the next minute you’re on top of the world, but I’ve never really spoke about it," she said.

"I’m a Southern girl, I’m from Louisiana, I’m from the South, and I like to keep it real, so I just want to make sure I keep having you motherf-ckers something to talk about."

She launched into Bonnie Raitt's classic song about gossip and relationships, drawing huge applause from the crowd.

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