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"Dermot," her guest corrects her after she slips up.

Megyn Kelly had yet another embarrassing moment on "Today" Wednesday when she confused her guest Dermot Mulroney with "American Horror Story" star Dylan McDermott.

Mulroney was appearing on the morning show to promote his upcoming Hallmark Channel rom-com "The Christmas Train" that shows a journalist's journey traveling coast to coast with an old flame to go home for Christmas, but when Kelly went to reference the actor's role, she accidentally called him by a different name.

"Not only does Dylan act in these movies," Kelly said before the actor corrected her.

The NBC host tried to cover her tracks by telling the actor she "was going to raise Dylan McDermott in a second," and proceeded to ask about Mulroney's musical talents. According to the actor, people have been getting the two of them confused for about 32 years since they both grew up on camera.

And it turns out the two actors will finally get an opportunity to work together since Mulroney was hired to act as McDermott's rival in his new Fox comedy series "LA to Vegas."

The mixup isn't the first time fans noticed Kelly and her team messing up on-air.

In her opening week alone, she got backlash for throwing easy questions at murderer Lyle Menendez, offended Jane Fonda by asking her about her plastic surgery procedures, tricked Debra Messing into appearing on her show, and a cameraman walked into the frame and said "shit."

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