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"I so enjoy Republican on Republican crime," Joy Behar exclaims during the heated debate.

It was the battle of the conservatives on "The View" this morning, as Meghan McCain went head-to-head against guest co-host Tara Setmayer over the state of the Republican party.

The women were discussing Donald Trump's interview with The Sun criticizing Prime Minister Theresa May, before he later called it "fake news" -- despite the conversation being recorded. "The Sun is run by Rupert Murdoch, and he only listens to Fox, so who's left for his supporters to believe?" asked Joy Behar.

"Him!" responded Tara. "It's a cult that way!"

The C-word set off McCain, who shouted, "Please stop saying that. You said it the last time you were here and it's so reductive to people like me."

"No, I won't stop saying that because ... it's not, it's not everyone, but there's a large group of people who blindly follow what this man says, that don't think of themselves," Setmayer responded, as it started to become a shouting match.

"Where he actually can get away with saying things on tape and saying that's fake news now, that is a cult!" Setmayer exclaimed.

"I defend his supporters because I understand it," McCain responded. "I think when you're putting a giant swath of people and we're all in a cult. I didn't vote for Trump for personal reasons. You said last time on the show."

"And I stand by it," Setmayer interjected.

When McCain then asked whether the guest was "mad" about Republicans getting control of the Supreme Court, Setmayer said she didn't think "it's worth it."

"I don't think undermining democratic institutions, norms and ideals to have someone like this, who's dishonest, unfit to be president, is worth it," she replied. "No, I don't."

Behar might as well have pulled out some popcorn as they went at it, commenting, "I so enjoy Republican on Republican crime."

"Trump has 89 percent of Republican support. So 89 percent of the Republican party are in a cult?" asked McCain.

"The ones who are willing to speak out and criticize him when he deserves it, okay, fine. But there's a large group -- including a lot of members of Congress -- who have completely sold their principles down the river, they are hypocrites," said Setmayer.

When Sunny Hostin asked if Setmayer would ever defect from being a Republican, McCain doubled down by asking, "Why have't you left the party yet, if it's all so awful?"

"I still believe that the conservative principles are true, just the infallibility of the messengers is what's killing it," she responded.

Sara Haines then tried to make a point of her own, but McCain wouldn't let her, shouting, "No, let me finish!"

"I have more reason than anyone in here to dislike President Trump," McCain continued. "I've made the conscious choice to try and understand his voters, understand what's happening ... and have some compassion for some people who felt like they didn't have any other choice."

When she finally got the floor, Haines said her parents are conservatives who "probably voted for Trump" too. "My point was, that there's a divide," she explained, before saying Trump has "undermined the party." Behar finally then threw to a commercial.

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