Camille Grammer blamed her bad image on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" on Bravo's tricky editing -- so are the women from "The Real Housewives of Miami" worried they'll fall victim to the show's editors too?

"I think you have to give people the material," Miami's Lea Black told reporters in a conference call, "And if they edit you ... I mean, as long as it’s in context, I don’t think you can blame anyone but yourself."

Black, a Miami socialite married to a criminal defense attorney, adds "No one can force you to say things that you say. Now if you’re making a joke and you’re saying something and it’s taking it out of context and put into a mean spirit then I might have an issue about the editing."

Black and co-star Alexia Echevarria say they haven't seen the final cut of the show yet, with Alexia telling reporters "it’s been a while, it’s been almost a year since we filmed but - so it’s going to be interesting."

Check out how the editors did when the show premieres tomorrow night!