0406_fiorillo_singleBeyonce Knowles shocked everyone when she stepped out with a super trim body just 10 weeks after giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy.

Several Victoria's Secret Angels -- including Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes -- have miraculously returned to their pre-baby bodies too.

Granted, these stars have great genes and access to the very best nutritionists and fitness trainers. Others, however, may choose to undergo the surgical route, with procedures such as extreme breast pumping and skin grafting.

Celebrity cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo, who has not treated any of the stars mentioned above, says such procedures are growing in popularity, and shared some of the benefits -- and consequences -- of dropping postpartum pounds this way.

toofab: What are the common procedures celebrity moms like to do after giving birth?

Dr. Fiorillo: Liposuction, fat grafting and extreme diets are common.

toofab: What is extreme breast pumping?

Dr. Fiorillo: Extreme pumping will stimulate the uterus to contract and reshape the belly faster.

toofab: What is fat transfer?

Dr. Fiorillo: Fat transfer is done by liposuction and injecting the fat into areas that need it like the face and buttocks.

toofab: Given all the resources available to them (trainers, chefs), why do you think celebrity moms chose the surgical route?

Dr. Fiorillo: The surgical route is faster than traditional routes and most celebrity moms can't wait.

toofab: What is the recovery time for these procedures?

Dr. Fiorillo: Recovery from these procedures is usually a few weeks.

toofab: What are the cases where you would recommend a mom *not* have surgery?

Dr. Fiorillo: I always recommend a mom not to have surgery. I think losing the weight with diet and exercise is safer and a better choice right after having a baby.

toofab: What effect, if any, do these procedures have on the baby (i.e. nursing, etc.)?

Dr. Fiorillo: If you decide to have a procedure then you won't be able to breast feed. There will also be some downtime and this will make it harder to care for the baby.

toofab: How do you think someone like Beyonce bounced back so quickly?

Dr. Fiorillo: I think that she chose diet and exercise and snapped back quickly.

Check out more celebrities who shed the baby weight quickly in the gallery below:

0320_beyonce_launchDr. Michael Fiorillo is a board certified plastic surgeon known for his full body makeovers, signature tummy tucks, "mommy makeovers," liposuction and breast augmentation procedures. To learn more, check out his website here.

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