Update: Although this photo was posted on Beyonce's Tumblr with other personal pics, the Daily Mail corrected their story. They do indeed belong to a Beyonce superfan and not Bey herself (thankfully!).

0803_beyonce_insetWe think Beyonce might be onto something here.

When you’re "Crazy In Love," why get permanent ink with your beau’s name or picture, when you can just imprint them on your nails!

On Thursday, Beyonce posted a picture of her main-squeeze manicure on her Tumblr page.

The blue and gold nail designs featured a tiny picture of her face with gold details on her ring finger, and matching on her right hand, a picture of her hubby Jay-Z.

Even though it’s a little flashy for our taste, we got to admit it’s still pretty adorable.

We do have one question; we know what the "J," "Z" and "B" stand for ... but her last name is spelled Knowles -- so, what's up with the "N"?

Let us know what you think below!

Thanks to The Daily Mail U.K. for surfacing this story.

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