Talk about a new year, new you -- just check out Tami Roman's bikini body!

The "Basketball Wives" star shared the new photo with toofab exclusively.

"My new years resolution is to NOT look at the scale! I'm more concerned with developing a healthier lifestyle and reshaping my body," Tami told toofab about her goals. "I plan to keep using NV Clinical because it contains a new weight loss complex that does just you reshape, as long as you maintain a proper diet and stay active and they've got the clinical trials to prove it. So I'm all in!"

Check out the before and after shots, below:


The reality TV star told us last November that she lost 25 pounds thanks to NV and lifestyle changes, including quitting smoking and exercising.

"I'm very excited about it because for a long time I was the big chick on ["The Basketball Wives"]. A lot of the girls have great bodies but that wasn’t who I was as a person," Tami admitted. "If people research me and go back I’ve always been a thin person because I’m tall. And I wanted to get back to that and get back to that lifestyle."

Kudos to Tami for making a positive change. She's a spokesperson for NV and you can see her new ad below:

Of course, you can catch Tami on "The Basketball Wives," which is currently in production for its fifth season and the comedy "Belles," premiering January 21st.

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