Yep, Chris Soules has always been a cutie!

Before we continue to watch "The Bachelor's" quest to find love on Monday night, we're going waaaaay back in time to see what he looked like before finding fame.

The hunky reality star grew up in the tiny town of Arlington, Iowa, and he was a star athlete at his high school, showing off his skills on the basketball court and football field.

Judging from the yearbook photos above -- including one where he sports a crop top! -- it seems like the 33-year-old farmer has always been a ladies man. But, has he found the one? 

Last week on Access Hollywood Live – while doing the interview shirtless in a hot tub! – Chris revealed that sparks flew for him and one girl in particular.


"Are you in love right now?" host Billy Bush asked Chris. "I am. I am in love in life, yes," he said with a smile. Since wrapping the show, Soules and his mystery woman have had to keep their romance under wraps.

"Being [from a small town] lends itself to some advantages. We have to hide out, [but] we can sneak around a little," the Iowa native explained. "It is difficult and it's going to be a long process to go through, but we knew what we signed up for. We can make it work."

Check out the clip above to hear more juicy details!

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