Just no.

While Shia LaBeouf's crazy antics have become white noise lately, the new look he debuted while walking around Sherman Oaks this week is still pretty shocking.

In addition to his usually grungy appearance, the 28-year-old actor was rocking a brand new beaded rattail, earrings and a barbell piercing in his eyebrow. The sides of his head were also shaved around his ears.

We're hoping this '80s-inspired 'do has something to do with a new or upcoming film role, though the only thing he has on his IMDB page right now is a project that's already in post-production.

That film, "Man Down," takes place in post-apocalyptic America ... so, maybe, they're doing reshoots or something.

Either way, this Riff Riff-like look is not our favorite on Shia LaBeouf. More of this please: