Naya Rivera Reveals She Worries About the Day Son Josey Reaches Puberty
Mini Magazine
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Naya Rivera is opening up about how her little bundle of joy has created some big changes in her life!

As the cover girl for the fall issue of Mini parenting magazine, she dishes on how Josey, her son with husband Ryan Dorsey, has changed everything from her outlook to her schedule.

"It's made me a much more observant person," said Rivera, who admitted she was most surprised by how "truly selfless you become" after welcoming a child into the world.

That selflessness means the "Glee" alum rarely gets a moment to herself.

"Really making time for yourself is a challenge," she explains. "Taking the time to not worry about your house, or to-do lists, or the baby is hard, but necessary."

So, what does the 29-year-old opt for when she has a little "me time"?

"I get my nails or hair done or sneak away to take myself to lunch or dinner completely alone," she confesses.

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Most days, however, her 13-month-old is by her side at the crack of dawn.

"My typical mom morning starts at either 6:30 or 6:45 AM—if I'm lucky! That extra 15 minutes of snoosze time is always so sweet," she says, revealing that she spends the next hour cuddling and playing hide and seek in bed with her babe before they head downstairs for snack and some playtime.

"Breakfast is usually at 8 and now that Josey is older, we try to go out for breakfast a few times a week," she continues. "We also hit up Coffee Bean or Starbucks in the morning where Josey requests that I buy him a banana off the counter every time. We're back by 9 for his nap [and] I get an invaluable hour break,” she continues. “I use that time to answer emails and call my mom to tell her all the cute new stuff Josey did in the three hours prior."

Despite the fact that her firstborn constantly keeps her on the go, the brunette beauty admits she's not looking to the day he's independent. In fact, she reveals the thought of Josey reaching puberty worries her.

"I'm going to cry so hard when the day comes that he doesn’t want to hold my hand because it's not 'cool,'"