Drew Barrymore Talks Heartbreak & Recovery With Emotional Instagram Snaps
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Drew Barrymore is bouncing back from her divorce announcement with her best girls in tow ... and it's so good to see her this happy and peaceful.

In a series of Instagram pics, Barrymore tells a story of heartbreak and recovery.

In her first Instagram post, which included mountain-climbing with pals like Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, and Cameron Diaz, Barrymore shared the following photo.


She wrote, "#Peopleilove hold onto those you love and climb a mountain together. The women in my life are doers. That can be anything from life, work and physical capability. Zest if you will. I follow my friends. And when I am most in need, I hold on tighter. But it is when they need me... I know I have done something right. To earn their trust. Love your friends. Share kindness. Hold onto moments and most of all... MAKE MORE PLANS!!!!!!!!!"

Her next photo featured her children, Olive and Frankie, and was easily the most adorable of the series.


Drew captioned the snap, "#People I love these are the loves of my life. #myolive #myfrankie all I wanted to do this week was reflect. Think about people and moments that make life make sense to me. That make life amazing. That motivate me to be my best self."

"I feel so lucky," she continued. "And after just living the last few days in all things positive, it was good for me to reflect on things that truly make me happy."

Her final installment read, "Ok this is my last post for this series. Every Monday I work out with my girlfriends and, as female writer Isaac Dennison said, 'There is nothing you can't cure with saltwater. Sweat, tears and the ocean.' May I say 2016 has been a most unique year."

"I have cried a lot this year," the "Firestarter" actress continued. "I have run to oceans. I have tried to pull it all back together by moving my body until the egg cracks, and the sweat pours out and releases something. I have always been a person who is flawed."

"I forgive. I fight. But I do not fight with others. I will spend my life trying to give love. And I am always aware and appreciative when I receive it," she countered. "My heart is very open right now. Let us all be as good to each other as we have ever been. 2017, here we come. And yes! I will be arm and arm, with all the #peopleilove."

We're so glad Drew is on the up and up and doing well ... it's good to see a smile on her beautiful face.