Donald Trump's advisor Kellyanne Conway was in the hot seat on Tuesday night during a must-see interview on "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

Unlike Jimmy Fallon, who caught flack for lobbing softball questions at Trump during his "Tonight Show" visit, Meyers grilled Conway over his alleged ties to Russia, his meeting with Kanye West and his love of Twitter.

Meyers began the by giving his guest credit for being the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign. He also said he's not with the "Not My President" crowd, adding that Trump is his "president so much, it keeps me up at night."

Meyers then asked about CNN's report on Tuesday saying intelligence chiefs briefed the president and the president-elect that Russians claimed to have "compromising personal and financial information" on Trump.

"Guess what hasn't happened," Kellyanne countered. "Nobody has sourced it, they're all unnamed, unspoken sources in the story and it was based on a Russian investigator to begin with."

"I think it was based on an MI6 British investigator," Meyers shot back.

"We should be concerned that intelligence officials leaked to the press and won't go and tell the president elect or the president of the United States Mr. Obama what the information is," Conway continued. "They would rather go tell the press."

"The press report was about them going to the president," Meyers corrected. "I believe it said they did brief him on it."

"He has said that he is not aware of that," she replied. Seth's response: "That concerns me."

Meyers later called out his guest for completely changing the subject when he asked why Trump wasn't more concerned about learning whether or not Russia interfered with the election. "That's a pivot right there Kellyanne and nobody does it better," Meyers joked.

Near the end of the 13-minute interview, Meyers pointed out that her job might be a little easier if Trump tweeted "a little less."

"I think his social media platforms in general, it's his way to communicate directly to the people," she said, defending his Twitter account. "It's free to you. The press doesn't like it. You don't have to wait for some anti-Trump journalist to curate the information and bias it."

Watch the video above.

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