See Mortified Ryan Gosling Watch Embarrassing Dance Video From His Childhood (Video)
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Ryan Gosling was left red faced on "The Graham Norton Show" on Friday, after the host dug up an embarrassing video from the actor's past.

After humbling fellow guests Ben Affleck, Sienna Miller and Emma Stone by bringing up some less-than-glamorous performances in their histories, Norton really went in for the kill with Ryan.

Exposing "the early dancing career of Mr. Ryan Gosling," the host played a video of the "La La Land" star showing off some amazing moves with a troupe way back in the day.

"They let me dance there for free because I was a guy," Gosling said of his time with the Elite Dance Studio crew. "If you had a guy, you would win."

While Ryan said he was probably "old enough to know better" in the video, it's clear he had a whole lot of charisma even back then.

Watch the hilarious video below -- and see more stars long before they were famous in the gallery above.