7 OMG Moments From the Return of TGIT: 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Scandal,' 'HTGAWM'
The Sexy Stars of Shondaland

Shonda Rhimes returned with the premiere of her hit trio of shows and we’re here to breakdown the most O-M-G moments of the night from "Grey's Anatomy", "Scandal" and "How To Get Away With Murder."

Grey's Anatomy:

Shonda tested us leaving the mid-season finale in a FEW different cliffhangers about the fate of Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) as well as the relationship between Owen(Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone). But tonight's episode was focused mainly on the visit to a pregnant patient at a maximum security prison from Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), Bailey (Chandra Wilson), and Jo (Camilla Luddington) which left us feeling angry, then emotional, and then thinking we'd have to wait to find out Alex's fate. On the car ride home though, Bailey dropped the bomb on Jo.

  1. Alex took the plea deal. Yep. He'll be going to prison.


We're all waiting to know if Mellie (Bellamy Young) is elected president. We're also dying to know who is gonna die (because someone always dies). Here's what shocked us:

  1. Well one thing we know for sure is that Mellie lost the presidency (we predicted this from the season's teaser, but with Shonda you never know) BUT as soon as she was drowning her sorrows in a bottle of champagne, President elect Vargas was assassinated live on television.

  2. Cyrus planned the whole thing. Papa Pope suggested this to Olivia, but she didn't realize it until the end of the episode. Cyrus is the one person who benefits the most from the assassination, and now Olivia knows, but she can't prove it. Oh and Cyrus, he knows that Olivia knows. Welp! This should be fun.

How To Get Away With Murder

If we've learned anything from watching HTGAWM it's that the one thing we're all trying to figure out, won't be revealed until the end of the season. Good 'ol Shondaland rollercoaster ride. It's a blast!

  1. Prosecutors presented evidence at Annalise's bail hearing that proved they had reason to investigate Wes' death, which they won. Annalise is headed to prison until trial.

  2. We saw that the coroner concluded Wes' death as a homicide, and Nate confirmed that. But the prosecution read to press that cause of death was because of smoke. Did someone pay the coroner to change the autopsy??**

  3. Laurel tells Frank she saw someone in the basement when she arrived at the house. But they ran out. Who was it?

  4. Frank goes to the police and admits to murdering Wes, but did he really do it?

We're still asking ourselves a million questions about who, why, where, and what the hell, but TGIT premiere night had some seriously awesome O-M-G moments. Stay tuned!