Britney Spears Shares Favorite 'Crossroads' Memory 15 Years Later: We Felt 'Young, Wild and Free' (Exclusive)
The Cast of "Crossroads" -- Then & Now

It's been 15 years since Britney Spears, Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning blessed us with the sublime cinematic experience that is "Crossroads."

The film, which opened in theaters February 15, 2002, was a road trip flick with a Spears-centric soundtrack, featuring karaoke performances, a script from future ABC superstar Shonda Rhimes and some serious brooding from the oh-so-sexy Anson Mount.

If you haven't seen it, it's time to get on it. You've had 15 years, what's wrong with you? To celebrate the film's monumental anniversary, Spearsshared her most memorable moment from the set with TooFab.

"My favorite memory of 'Crossroads' was all three of us girls getting in the car and screaming from the top of our lungs," Spears said. "We also figured out Taryn had an amazing voice. She sang us a song and we all felt we were young, wild and free!"

Manning reacted to Spears' comment in a follow-up interview with TooFab.

"Really? Aww, so sweet. She sang one day, the national anthem. I think me and Zoe were like sing for us please. And she’s like 'OK y'all' and then she started singing and her voice is like angelic and perfect," Manning recalled. "Some people maybe try to say she couldn't sing, but she sings amazingly."

As for her favorite memory, Manning said she and Spears "went and got tattoos together after work one day and that was fun. We got the same thing, it was cute. A little Chinese symbol that means something. Her and I's secret."

Mount also shared a lengthy message with TooFab dedicated to the women of the film, read it in its entirety below:

I had an enormously good time making "Crossroads" for the following reasons: [Producer] Ann Carli, [Writer] Shonda Rhimes, [Director] Tamra Davis, Taryn Manning, Zoe Saldana, and Miss Britney Jean Spears. I was lucky enough to have one of those rare film experiences in which I was outnumbered. I was surrounded by women. Beautiful, powerful, supportive, funny, fantastic ... WOMEN. I consider myself a better man and a better actor for the experience. I love working with women, because I believe they are far better at navigating the strange ocean of social interactions that constitute film production, and they handle stress on a more intuitive level. For reasons more complicated than I can possibly understand, there is an extreme gender gap in Hollywood. We're working on correcting that and we're getting better at it. Tamra Davis represents one of the few filmmakers to have bridged that gap and to have become respected in this industry, both for her narrative and her documentary work. I hope there are more who will follow in her footsteps.

Every now and then I bump into people. I saw Taryn at a very boozy Christmas party in December of 2015 and it seems like it was yesterday. I dropped by to see Tamra and her family in Manhattan and I realize now that it was probably the year before that. I spoke to Ann Carli when she put in a good word for me, helping me to land the lead role in "Hell on Wheels". That was in 2010. Time is fleeting. Such is life, and such is filmmaking.

It's wild being in my forties and seeing people still discovering "Crossroads", whether it is for the nostalgia, for the campy fun of it all, or for the youthful sincerity of a new generation. For myself, it is a time capsule. When I see it, I don't see what you see. I see myself, 28 years old... cocky... scared... exited... standing in a parking lot in Louisiana, laughing with Taryn as we sip hot cocoa and watch the grips rig the convertible. The laughter dies, Taryn wanders away, and I wonder to myself ... "How the hell did I get here?"

This post has been updated to include comments from both Taryn Manning and Anson Mount.