Mama June's Jaw-Dropping Weight Loss -- See First Footage Of Her Post-Surgery!
Getty/WE tv
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After documenting her gastric sleeve operation on last week's episode of "Mama June: From Not to Hot," the star is showing off the results.

And wow ...

In a sneak peek at Friday night's episode, June Shannon is ticked when she learns her ex's new fiancee reached out to Honey Boo Boo directly about flower girl dress shopping. In the video (below), Shannon dressed in her gym clothes before a workout.

While her weight loss journey will continue through the rest of the season, she's already come a long way from her 460-pound start.

"The gastric sleeve is ... I've not had any complications. I'd definitely recommend it," she told TooFab in February. "Before you have any skin removal surgery done, it is recommended you do have some kind of gastric, whether its the lap band or the gastric sleeve, but I've had no complications with any of my surgeries. I've actually had a pretty good recovery, the doctors are surprised I've not been in as much pain and I've recovered very easily."

"As everybody knows, when you do lose weight, there is stuff that you want to get fixed that makes you look better," she added of the skin removal process.

But it wasn't just her appearance that set Shannon on her weight loss journey.

"I just decided it was time for a change, to be more healthy and to do something for myself because I do so much for everybody else," she said. "At first, people were saying, 'You're losing weight, you look great' and I just ran with it."

"Mama June: From Not to Hot" airs Fridays on WE tv.