Gal Gadot, Robin Wright And Intense Swordplay Featured in 'Wonder Woman' Teaser (Video)
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Robin Wright's "Wonder Woman" character, General Antiope, was revealed in an intense swordplay action scene as two new teasers for the film were released on Friday.

"Train her harder than any Amazonian before her, until she is better than even you," a voiceover says in the teaser as Wright's General Antiope trains Diana Prince (Gal Gadot's namesake Wonder Woman).

A second video posted to Facebook features Gadot's character interacting with Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine.

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"Wonder Woman" is directed by Patty Jenkins and also stars David Thewlis, Danny Huston, Connie Nielsen, Elena Anaya and Lucy Davis in addition to Wright, Gadot and Pine.

"Wonder Woman" is in theaters on Jun. 2, 2017.

Watch the videos below.

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