Hair extensions met politics on Tuesday’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” when “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erika Girardi was joined by Fox News host Meghan McCain.

McCain praised Cohen for his knowledgeable and relatable take on politics and current news events.

“You have a fascinating take because you’re sort of the reality connoisseur of modern times," McCain said. "Someone needs to do a special on why Americans relate to reality stars in a way that they don’t to politicians anymore.”

McCain also added that she’ll never run for president because her brand of conservatism "ideologically out of sync" with what Americans respond to.

“I actually don’t think it’s a place for women like me,” McCain told. “And it’s a really sad sort of statement. I think you have to play in a man’s world. I like wearing a lot of hair extensions, I have a lot of conflicting feelings about things in my personal life, meaning like my reflections on me personally with marriage and traditional families.”

Cohen then took audience phone calls and one viewer asked: "Are Erika Jayne and Meghan wearing panties tonight?"

Erika said she’s sick of answering the question, but "Real Housewives" fan Meghan quickly jumped to Erika's defense over the Pantygate debacle with co-star Dorit Kemsley.

“One thing I found on the show that was very degrading – I don’t like when women attack other women for their choices when it comes to clothes or fashion or just being who you are, and I thought the whole thing really was setting women back in a lot of ways,” Meghan said. “Dorit reminds me of every girl I went to college with that studied abroad and came back with an accent and thought she was more cultured than I am.”

Erika confessed that she overreacted to Eileen Davidson’s comments about her police officer son at the ladies' Hong Kong dinner party, which aired on Tuesday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” noting "her intent was innocent."

A caller than asked for McCain's thoughts on Tomi Lahren's suspension from TheBlaze.

“You have to be clear in your ideology if you’re gonna go on TV and talk about politics. I’ve been doing this for 10 years, and it’s a very tough game, tough industry. You really have to know your talking points," McCain said. "I read for hours every morning before I go on air, and if I were giving her advice, I’d be like, ‘You need to study a little bit more or just be more ideologically consistent.’”

McCain then dishes out some unsolicited advice to Erika's "RHOBH" cast mates Kemsley and Lisa Rinna.

“[These women] need to come up with something better if they’re gonna lie that egregiously and just say ‘I forgot.’ They’ve gotta do better than that.”