Christina El Moussa proved Friday on Instagram that she's not taking recent mommy-shaming to heart and fired back at her followers for hating.

"Our first slumber party!!" El Moussa captioned Friday's Instagram snap. "6 kids, a dog and 2 moms. So fun, crazy, but so fun ... @caraclarknutrition ... love you always *sorry just realized kids in swimwear again.. it's cali people it's what we do."

The "Flip or Flop" star was referring to the critical response she received after sharing a photo of herself and her daughter wearing matching swimwear.

However, several users decided to point out that El Moussa's son was too close to the water and said: "No one is a hater, but as a mother it is scary to have a toddler being that close to a pool!"

El Moussa responded and said: "OMG 1. It's a beach entry if he fell in it's only a foot high, he would be ok 2. It's not his first time in or around the pool, but thanks for your "concern" aka judgment 3. AND most importantly I am right there and could be to him in 3 seconds SMH at this!"

The same user responded: "as a mother of 3, yes, it looks scary. So it's people having normal concern not hating."

El Moussa stopped engaging at that point and others backed up her original point about mommy-shaming.

Another user wrote: "@christinaelmoussa maybe you could put Brayden in a bubble until he's 20. Oh wait, no that won't work. Then the haters would say you're too over protective."