Whoopi Goldberg and the women of "The View" went in on Fox News this morning, as Jedediah Bila -- one of the network's former correspondents -- stuck to her guns.

The women were discussing Ted Koppel's interview with Sean Hannity from Sunday, where the legendary journalist criticized the commentator as being "bad for America" and attracting an audience who think "ideology is more important than facts."

Goldberg agreed with Koppel's sentiments.

"People look at Fox News as a news outlet and think of Sean Hanity as a journalist and he's not quite that," she said.

Bila defended him though, saying, "I do think he's good for America in the same way I think Rachel Maddow is good for America. The more opinions the better."

"Does it not bother you he hasn't used many facts when he's reporting?" Goldberg shot back.

"Every news network has opinion and has news. If you watch Sean Hannity, you're getting a bias. He admits that, he's a right wing commentator," Bila added.

Sara Haines said there were a lot of people watching him who may not understand the distinction between opinion and news, as Whoopi criticized Fox News as a whole.

"I find it interesting, because facts are hard to find on Fox. I'm not gonna lie," Goldberg said. "For years, they pretended they didn't know where president Obama was born."

Bila cut in, saying that was not the case. "That's not true. If you look at a lot of the reporting, I worked there. I promise you, it's not true."

"Let me finish what I'm trying to say," Goldberg continued. "When you don't say, 'Hey listen, I know we have a specific thing here but this is not true. He was born in Hawaii, that's where he comes from.' They didn't hear it from these guys, whose obligation it is, even when you're an opinion show, at least get the facts."

"The line is very blurred at Fox News," Sunny Hostin added.

"It's blurred at MSNBC too!" Bila interjected.

"I'm not here to defend Fox News as an entity," Bila continued, "I'm here to defend news in general. There are objective people, there are opinion people, in my opinion, that makes for a better America."

"I don't mind opinion. We are opinion, that's what we do," added Goldberg. "But nobody believes we're out there doing journalism. We're an entertainment show. We have always been an entertainment show. Let's be clear, we talk about our opinions. We will check stuff and make sure that we're not passing false information and if we do, we say, hey we were wrong. Fox does not use that very often."

"If your president is going to be watching and getting all of his information and making policy based on what he sees and it's wrong, what do you do?" she asked. "I understand what Ted Koppel is saying. I think it isn't good for America not to demand a fact. Get the facts!"

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