Twitter Really Wants A Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o Movie to Happen
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Twitter is the truly the birthplace of some great things, but the latest that MIGHT come from the social media platform might be best ever.

After an image of Rihanna and Lupiya Nyong'o at Paris Fashion Week 2014 went viral, Twitter users decided to create a movie plot for the duo. The idea was all in good humor, until Nyong'o decided to chime in.

"I'm down if you are @rihanna" Nyong'o said.

To which Riri herself replied, "I'm in Pit'z."

Thing got even better thereafter when yet another Twitter user chimed in to suggest Issa Rae of HBO's "Insecure" pen the script. Of course, Rae replied with the perfect GIF.

Even Rihanna was down with Rae writing the script, she replied to her GIF saying, "Issa possibility."

Alongside Rae, Twitter suggested that Ava DuVernay direct the whole thing to which she replied "Lights set. Camera's up. Ready to call action for these #queens."

Later into the plot development, "Black-ish" star Yara Shahidi dropped into the conversation pleading to have a role in this epic but non-existent film.

"Can I please be the protégée that is only a cameo in the first movie, but who's character comes to fruition in the sequel." she said.

It didn't just stop there, Twitter users are so determined to make this happen that they even reached out to Codeblack, a division of Lionsgate who also confirmed they were down to make this happen.

This doesn't seem like it'll end anytime soon. There's a slew of actresses that will surely want part in this one. For now, fans can simply dream of the idea, unless of course, it actually happens. This will easily be the greatest thing Twitter has ever done.