"Hollywood Medium" star Tyler Henry returns to E! Wednesday with all new episodes and he stopped by the TooFab studio to let viewers in on what to expect from upcoming readings.

Henry said this season of "Hollywood Medium" features a more diverse cast as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the responses and reactions of the family members who accompany his celebrity clients.

Wednesday's episode features Henry's sit-down with Bobby Brown.

"What was so profound about that connection was that he had other family members come through, particularly his sister, was one of the first people out of the gate to come through, and she came through with messages that were so specific, so detailed, that he knew that she was making a connection," Henry told TooFab. "And at the end, there was a connection with Whitney and Bobbi Kristina."

The 21 year old's gift doesn't come without some negativity though, but Henry said he chooses focus on the positive not the naysayers.

When asked about criticism that was lodged against him from mentalist Mark Edward, Henry told TooFab: "I would say that there's a difference between a mentalist and a medium. Mentalists emulate medium-like abilities, but in reality, they're simply magicians. I would say that to critics, it's very important to have a firsthand experience in order to really understand what's happening as it is."

The E! star also said during his readings he brings up "details and validations" his clients have not mentioned publicly and that "can't be Googled and researched."

Henry also revealed his secret to nailing a reading is to go into it with zero expectations and a clear mind.

"When I go into a reading, I have to kind of put aside the client's expectation, my own expectation, cameras... I have to forget about it all and just see what's coming through," he said.

"As time has gone on, I've learned to view this as a sort of therapy of sorts. It's like, you wouldn't do five-second therapy, so I don't do five-second readings."

Watch "Hollywood Medium" star Tyler Henry play rapid-fire word association with some of this season's celebrity clients in the clip below.

"Hollywood Medium" airs Wednesday nights on E!

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