Shonda Rhimes Rips Apart Bill Cosby's Sexual Assault Townhall in Just One Tweet
"The Cosby Show" Cast: Then & Now

Shonda Rhimes just dropped her mic on Bill Cosby by calling her own “town hall" session to set the record straight about sexual assault survivors.

"From Shonda’s Town Hall on Avoiding Sexual Assault Charges: 1) Do not sexually assault anyone. 2) Shut up-this attention belongs to survivors,” the powerhouse producer tweeted.

The message comes on the heels of Cosby's trial ending in a hung jury for his aggravated indecent assault case and the comedian subsequently announcing he would be traveling to different cities to teach men how to avoid sexual assault accusations.

“A brush against the shoulder, anything at the point could be considered sexual assault and it’s a good thing to be educated about the laws,” a Cosby representative said in a statement explaining the motivation behind Cosby. But Rhimes felt the need to send a tweet to remind her fans the focus should be brought back to the survivors, rather than focusing on teaching young men to not get caught. View Photos Renewed Shows